Wig Out for your Bachelorette Party Night

Here comes the “big night” leading up to the “big day!” The venue is picked, the guest list confirmed, all the details are set and your bachelorette party is sure to make the “top 10.”

Let your girls handle the night’s agenda.  Let your maid of honor help with wardrobe selection.  And, let Wig.com ensure that not one hair is out of place.

Whatever is in store for your night out with the ladies, Wig.com has the missing link that is guaranteed to please.  Here are a few looks from our stylists, showcasing the hottest bachelorette party styles for your “big night!”

  • Looking to be the sassy, sporty femme with a cutting edge? Shall we suggest The “Jamie” Wig?
  • Thinking more of an elegant night out requiring the polished up-do? The “Sheer Romance Bun” will make the cut.
  • Feeling a bit spicy and spontaneous? Be bold and daring with a Reaction!
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