Why Choose a Monofilament Wig?

UntitledIf you want to achieve a natural look, one that gives the illusion of natural hair growing directly from your own scalp and that also allows for natural parting, you should consider a monofilament wig.

A monofilament wig has fibers—Kanekalon® synthetic or real human hair—that are individually hand-tied to a sheer poly-silk mesh fabric section of the wig cap. Unlike traditional wigs in which the wig fibers remain in the same general position after fluffing or styling, hand-tied fibers are free to move in any direction, just like your own natural hair, so they can be combed, styled, and parted as you wish to create the look you want. In addition, the nearly invisible monofilament section gives the appearance of your own scalp when the fibers are parted, further enhancing the natural look of a monofilament wig.

The size and positioning of a hand-tied monofilament section can vary from wig to wig and style to style:

  • A wig with a monofilament part has a hand-tied monofilament section located in a defined part on the left, the right, or the center of a style and gives you parting versatility.
  • A wig with a monofilament crown has a hand-tied monofilament section located at the crown of wig and gives you multidirectional styling versatility.
  • A wig with a monofilament top has a hand-tied monofilament section across the full top of the wig and gives you full multidirectional styling and parting versatility.

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