Week 1 – Bringing Sexy Back

Looking to bring sexy back?  There’s no better way to do that then with the help of our wigs!  This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag U transformed three lovely ladies into fierce femme fatales. Need proof? Take a peek at the contestants before and after pictures below. Who were you rooting for?

Contestant #1 – Denise aka Cha Cha Mizrah was transformed from bland to bold with the help of the Sleek Length Stretch-a-Comb hairpiece and the Dancing With The Stars’ Bango Tango Clip-in Bangs.

Contestant #2- Rhonda aka Summer Nights became a blonde bombshell with Beverly Johnson’s Oprah-4 Wig. (Ms. Johnson was also tonight’s celebrity professor)

Contestant #3- Lisa aka Rai’zon de Rossi (the night’s winner) looked stunning in a bouffant wig. Get a similar look with the Eve Wig by Jaclyn Smith.

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