New York Fashion Week 2011 Recap: Hair Edition

New York Fashion Week provided a glimpse into how fashionistas can freshen up their style with the hottest trends for the fall.   However, it’s no small fete to channel looks from more than 90 runway shows – clothes, shows, makeup and most import of all – HAIR!

This year’s Fashion Week hair gurus played with the classic ponytail, ultra volume styles and lots of layered braids to complement the fashion trends we will all be wearing in a few months.

Don’t have time to grow out that pixie cut?  Is your piggybank on lock down from expensive salon visits?  Here are our tips to get that straight off the runway look right away – product, scissors, and salon free!

PB-65 Drawstring Hairpiece

Look #1: The classic pony

A staple of New York Fashion Week every year is the ponytail.   However, emulating the perfect pony that fashion models rocked on the runway can be a bit of a challenge.   So, if you’re keen to get the playful, tomboy style, look no further than our simple PB-65 Drawstring Hairpiece.

Look #2: Layered braided bun

Sheer Romance Bun

Alexandre Herchovitch’s collection was all about the layers, and Bumble and Bumble stylist Rolando Beauchamp mimicked the look by weaving models’ hair into this incredible six-strand braid.  Us lonely fashionistas may struggle to replicate this  “a la mode” hairstyle with only our own two hands. Let help with the reinvention of you!  Check out our layered braided bun: the Sheer Romance Bun.

Look #3: Ultra Volume

Long Full-Volume Wavy Clip-On

We’re sure you noticed the plethora of models gracing the runway with teased-out tresses, playing up one hair style that will never fade from glory: ultra volume.  To achieve a voluminous, curly appeal, throw on the Long Full-Volume Wavy Clip-On and strut your stuff!

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