Luxe Couture Collection Wigs on Sale!

wig_couture19For a limited time only, our exclusive, luxe Couture Collection wigs are on sale and ship for FREE!

You won’t believe the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into making exclusive, 100% hand-tied Couture Collection wigs. To perfect each look, more than a dozen artisan wigmakers are involved in the intricate design process. Amazingly enough, it takes one week to create a style…three days of which are devoted solely to each strand of high-quality, super-light WhisperLite┬« fiber being tied individually by hand onto the breathable mesh cap. This attention do detail ultimately gives the appearance of all-over natural hair growth and the wig a weightless feel. The gorgeous tresses can also be combed in any direction for styling flexibility.

One would expect to pay far more for such luxury! Shop now and use code 920130 at checkout to get FREE shipping on beautiful Couture Collection wigs!

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