How to Guide: Curling/Straightening Tru2Life Fibers

I’ve recently seen a growing number of questions regarding how to curl or straighten Tru2Life fiber styles. This breakthrough fiber can be found in many of our Raquel Welch and Hairdo styles. It’s important to keep in mind that even though the fiber feels natural, it is still a synthetic fiber. It should not be treated and cared for in the same methods as you would your own hair.

Follow the guidelines below to curl and straighten Tru2life fiber:

  • Blow dryers, curling irons, and other thermal tools may also be used on low settings up to 350°F/ 176° C. The fiber will get too hot and may scorch if the setting is too high. Allow the hair to cool completely after setting curls with heat. The ideal recommended temperature for curling or straightening the fiber is 300 °F/ 148 °C.
  • When curling the heat-friendly synthetic hair, take a 1 inch, thin section of hair and wrap around the barrel of the iron, holding for ten seconds. Carefully slide the curled hair off the iron and while holding the warm curl in place, pin it with a clip until the curl sets. Once the fiber is completely cool, remove the hair clips and style as desired.
  • When straightening the heat-friendly synthetic hair, take a 1 inch, thin section of hair and starting at the roots, run the flat iron over the hair to the ends.
  • While the best curling results will be achieved with a curling iron, you may use hot rollers or steam rollers to curl the Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair. Use thin sections for each roller and allow the hair to cool completely before removing the rollers. Velcro rollers should never be used on synthetic hair.

While Tru2Life does not require that it be wet, we recommend that you use a thermal protectant spray when applying heat to the Tru2Life fiber. I would also recommend the Shape + Hold Hair Spray.

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