Destination: Paris

How to get the perfect chic “do” to complete the “Champs-Élysées” look with ease!

Fashionistas the world over look to Paris Fashion Week to set the hottest style trends in apparel, makeup and hair every year.  This year, long locks with lots of volume are all the rage to complement one bold look: exotic patterned pants, a dark jacket (leather/pleather) and a jagged scarf.  And, the more low-maintenance your hair appears, the better.

While you can turn to “of-the-moment” products like hair spray, gel, and styling creams to achieve your desired volume, the easiest trick of the trade is to throw on a wig. One style that instantly comes to mind is the Long & Lush Wig; the face-framing layers are easy to style (just like your own hair!), whether you’d like to curl it full or iron it straight.

So, take a cue from Paris and re-do your “do” with a voluminous look to complete a new bold statement.  Not only will you look great – your gal pals will be green with envy!

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