Betsey Johnson Wigs Out at New York Fashion Week

What comes to mind when you think of Betsey Johnson? Zany, vibrant, GENIUS, fun or all of the above?

We agree – and weren’t surprised to see that her models donned spray-painted wigs in her runway shows during this year’s Fashion Week.  Style visionary extraordinaire, Johnson showed us that wigs are a sassy way to complement a cutting edge collection.

For her higher-end collection, Black Tag, Johnson showcased designs featuring by dark leather; lively animal prints and vibrant colors having  models don severe wigs to contrast the bold aesthetic of the clothes.

Her Pink Patch collection followed where – true to Johnson form – she embraced the unconventional by using her employees to model the looks. The “models” graced the runway in wigs styled to look just like Johnson herself.

Want to channel your inner “haute couture” model and get the Pink Patch or Black Tag look?  Check out a few of our ideas here that add sizzle to your look!

Annabella Wig

Annabella wig

Aurora Wig

Aurora wig

Charli wig

Charli Wig

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