A Taste of Spring

We’ve been waiting all winter for it, and now it’s just around the corner – spring! Glamour has provided their picks for sunny dresses to welcome the warm weather season, and the fun yellow dresses have inspired us to make some spring hair picks to match. Since you’ll want to freshen up your wardrobe with bright and bouncy frocks, why not update your hairstyle as well?

From Carey Mulligan, whose short style is her signature look, to Katherine Heigl, who just took the plunge into cropped locks, the pixie cut is on trend for spring. A little longer than the traditional pixie, the Deanna wig creates a cropped spring look. With bangs and face framing pieces, the Deanna still feels girly while the cheek skimming length gives the top of your spring dress room to shine!

Long layers are always in style, and this spring is no different. The versatility of the look is perfect for a walk through the park or a day of relaxation at the beach – two things we’re dying to do as soon as the sun is shining! This longer look would compliment any strapless spring dress perfectly and with styling options, you can straighten for sleek locks or bring out the curlers for bounce!

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