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Avril Lavigne Shaves Part of Her Head

What’s the buzz? Avril Lavigne debuted a new — and, ahem, questionable — hairstyle on Saturday while in Paris. She kept the color and length (for the most part) the same; it’s the partially shaved side that’s the big shocker. … Continue reading

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Shocking Color… Shockingly Beautiful!

Hi all! My new puppy (Bruce) is finally letting me sleep at night (I wish I could say he’s stopped eating my shoes, but that would be a flat-out lie). Baby steps, right? Anyway, now that I am slowly getting … Continue reading

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It’s a Ruff Life

Okay, so this blog is not about glamour… it’s more about a lack thereof. You see, last week, I picked up my beautiful new Alaskan Klee Kai puppy from the breeder. Since then, I don’t think I’ve slept more than … Continue reading

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