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tabithaShop for fierce, fabulous Tabatha Coffey™ wigs, hair pieces, and extensions from LUXHAIR™ HOW™.

Celebrity hairstylist, reality TV star, wig designer…Tabatha Coffey does it all! The Tabatha Coffey™ collection of beautiful wigs, hair pieces, and extensions will give you the glam, high-fashion look you want. Sleek and chic or full and voluminous, Tabatha’s LUXHAIR™ HOW™ wigs, hair pieces, and extensions are available in short, mid-length, and long styles and in rich, vibrant colors. Crafted from heat-friendly synthetic Keralon™ Light fiber, Tabatha Coffey™ wigs, hair pieces, and extensions look and feel luxuriously silky and soft and can be styled using tools on a moderate heat setting. As Tabatha says, “these aren’t wigs or extensions—they’re secret weapons.”

Visit to find  fierce, fabulous Tabatha Coffey™ wigs, hair pieces, and extensions from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ today!

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Shop for Glam Daisy Fuentes™ Wigs & Hair Pieces is your source for gorgeous, glam Daisy Fuentes™ wigs and hair pieces from LUXHAIR™ WOW™.

Daisy Fuentes™—model, TV host, entrepreneur, and designer—has the wigs and extensions you need to achieve your dream look. Voluminous and romantic or sleek and modern, Daisy’s LUXHAIR™ WOW™ wigs and extensions are available in short, mid-length, and long styles and in rich, vibrant colors. Crafted from heat-friendly synthetic Keralon™ Plus fiber, Daisy Fuentes™ wigs and extensions look and feel silky and soft and can be styled using tools on a moderate heat setting.

Shop today to find fab Daisy Fuentes™ wigs and extensions from LUXHAIR™ WOW™.

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Shop for Fab, Fashionable Hair Pieces from Hothair is your source for fabulously fashionable, easy-to-use hair pieces from Hothair.

Hothair is the fastest, easiest way to glam-up your hairstyles! Hothair hair pieces are designed to be both fashionable and fun! Each stunning bun, wrap, braid, clip-on, and ponytail is created with care, so you know you’re getting a great look. The exclusive Hothair line of hair pieces is designed to be fast, easy to use, and–above all–glamorous!

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Shop for Hairdo® Brand Wigs & Extensions is your source for Hairdo® brand wigs, extensions, and hair pieces!

Hairdo® wigs, extensions, and hair pieces utilize the finest Remy human hair and easy-care synthetic fibers, the most innovative designs, the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and the most advanced technology available.

That means you get an amazing look and a natural feel when you buy a Hairdo® wig, extension, or hair piece.

Shop to find your fabulous new Hairdo® brand wig, extension, or hair piece today!

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Wig Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Happy-Thanksgiving-from-The-Twinery-1024x418This Thanksgiving, make sure you roast the bird…NOT your tresses! A sudden burst of heat from the oven or steam from a boiling pot of water can cause irreparable damage to your wig.

Remember the ever-important wig rule of thumb: NEVER open the oven while wearing a wig! It is certain to ruin your wig…and your day. Your wig simply cannot take the heat, so keep it out of the kitchen.

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Introducing WIGSHOP™ Wigs: Just $29.99 & Always Ship FREE

wig_wigshoplaunchaIntroducing WIGSHOP™, a new brand of wigs for all sold exclusively at! All WIGSHOP™ wigs are priced at the incredibly low price of just $29.99 and ship FREE every day. Get the look you want NOW without the commitment or cost of cutting because WIGSHOP™ wigs give you the freedom to switch up your style whenever you want.

Shop WIGSHOP™ today and find your new signature look(s)!

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Sherri Shepherd’s Feathered Pixie Wig @

‎Sherri Shepherd‬’s Feathered Pixie ‪Wig‬ is our ‎best-selling‬ Sherri ‪Shepherd wig ‎style‬! Get yours today at and look and feel ‎fabulous‬!

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Mini Wigs for Petite Features @

wig_minicollageMini wigs, also known as mini petite wigs, are perfect for those ladies who have smaller heads and petite features. That’s why now offers more and more styles in smaller wig sizes. Our mini petite wig is designed to complement your features, rather than overpower them. Shop our Mini Petite Wigs department today to check out our amazing selection of wigs that are just the right size for you. We currently have eight fabulous mini petite wig styles.

Vikki WhisperLite® Wig by Paula Young® is an adorable pixie cut that’s short on length but long on style.

Trisha WhisperLite® Wig by Paula Young® is fab mid-length style that boasts soft, feathered sides that taper into a graceful sweep of hair at the nape.

Emerald Wig by Joan Collins is a tousled, energetic wig that lets your creative, chic personality shine through.

Color Me Beautiful Wig by Paula Young® is a beautiful wig with soft, wispy layers that elegantly frame your face!

Abby WhisperLite® Wig by Paula Young® is versatile, chic cropped cut with lots of flirty layers.

Petite Passion Wig by Paula Young® is short style with low volume for a perfectly pretty style.

Colleen Wig by Paula Young® is wonderful, hassle-free wavy wig that needs only a quick tousle and it’s good to go.

Chloe Wig by Joan Collins is a gorgeous wigs whose face-framing layers offer instant style and glamour.

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Estetica Designs Wigs @

Wig.compy_esteticawigs is proud to carry an array of fabulous, exclusive wig styles from the Estetica Designs wig collection.

Our selection of Estetica Designs wigs includes short, mid-length, and long lengths; straight, curly, wavy, and layered textures; blonde, brunette, red, and gray colors; and synthetic and 100% natural human hair fibers.

Whatever your style, we have an Estetica Designs wig that’s perfect for you.

Felicity Wig by Estetica Designs is a free and easy style with a smooth top that segues into soft, tousled waves that fall just below the shoulders.

Isabel Remi Human Hair Wig by Estetica Designs is a luxurious, 100% remi human hair wig with long layers of loose spiral curls that cascade past the shoulders.

Michelle Wig by Estetica Designs is an updated shag wig with a classic look that’s perfect for many face types and occasions.

Sonia Lace-Front Wig by Estetica Designs is a short, layered cut with side-swept bangs and a lace front for the most natural looking hairline.

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Diary of a Bald Woman, Part Two: Taking Control of Your Hair Loss

by guest blogger Jodi Pliszka, M.S., the world’s leading Solutionologist®

“To be or not to be,” is the question that most women, going through hair loss issues, face on a daily basis. Do they let their bald spots “be,” allowing them to dominate and control their lives, or do they muster up enough courage to take control and choose for their hair to “not be” around any longer, by shaving it off? I have some insight into this issue, and want you to feel assured that you are not alone in your struggle. Be it cancer and chemo treatments, alopecia or trichotillomania, losing your hair is difficult process for any person to endure. Let me start by sharing a little bit about my Bald is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming story with you.

When I was 13, my mom was braiding my hair and found a bald spot, the size of quarter, on the back of my head. I learned that Alopecia was an autoimmune disorder that caused my body to produce too many white blood cells, which think hair is an infection and kills it off (Alopecia is the manipulation of one gene that has been altered and there are NO cures to change this gene back to its original form). I had Alopecia Areata, which is where you lose only spots of hair on your head. By the age of 16, I was receiving between 60-80 injections in the hairless areas, on my scalp, at each appointment. This was a painful process, during and after treatment. The cortisone would produce lumps on my head that were very tender, making it difficult to sleep at night. Just driving by the dermatologist’s office made me so nervous that I would make myself sick, thinking about the shots.

When I was 20, I was in a car accident that shocked my system, even more. The process of watching my hair fall out, one strand at a time seemed to be the most brutal, agonizing task that any woman can endure.   Here is an excerpt from my book Bald is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming. After my car accident, my parents came up to the college that I was attending, to check on me – I’m glad they did. Here’s my story:

“I pried myself out of bed and turned to straighten the covers when I noticed something on my pillow. I felt the old sting of recognition. I stiffened, not wanting to believe what I was looking at. I wanted to scream, but sat down on the bed and started out the window, beyond my parents. My mother took one look at me and left her chair. She saw it and said a soft, “Oh, no.” Her arms folded around me. I leaned softly into her and became her little girl again. On the pillow was large clump of my hair. My body healed, and bruises disappeared. But every shower became another torment. Every shampoo, however gentle my approach, claimed more hair. Shampooing less frequently didn’t help either. On the way to the shower, I bargained with God. If he would let my hair stop falling out, I would change my life. He was silent. Nothing worked. The hair kept coming out. On the days that I washed it, I made sure nobody else was around. The embarrassment of exposing my bald spots, even in a community shower (in our dorm) where we were all somewhat vulnerable, was too great. This took some effort, and patience. I often made four or five attempts before finding the showers empty.

I can’t remember feeling so helpless and destitute. In the shower, I rinsed gobs of hair off my fingers, and watched them cascade to the drain. I closed my eyes and leaned up against the wall, void of hope, of good will, void of all joy, or any promise of joy. The water flowed over me and I prayed. I bargained and I begged until I realized water was rising up to my ankles. The drain was clogged with my hair. I picked the soft mass off the drain cover and was wrapping it in a paper towel when another girl walked in. I dropped the hair on the floor and quickly made a turban with my towel…….” “I approached the mirror, dropped the towel, and combed my hair, of what was left of it. A stranger looked back at me. Or something wild. “I don’t know who you are. And I hate you. Go away.”

I became the queen of comb-over. That was me. I suddenly had empathy for old vain men. The more hair I lost, the more elaborate I twisted and turned the remaining strands. I plastered them in a wavy rows and sections. I held everything in place with bottles of White Rain.”   “ I had lost so much hair that there was no way to conceal it any longer. All my delight in perfection turned to loathing and with the identical strength. It’s funny how that works. How perfection, or the dream of perfection, and vanity are so intimately acquainted, one with the other. And just how close rage lies beneath it all. “I hate you! I hate you!” This was my new mantra. I was lost. Suddenly lost. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest… Oh, if this was only a fairy tale, it might promise me some happier ending. But I couldn’t see one. I couldn’t see much of anything. Only this savage lost thing in my mirror.

Disgust turned to fury. I jabbed the point of a rat-tailed comb into my scalp. “I hate you!” I jabbed until blood ran into my eyes. A shadow fell over my heart.”

Isn’t that heart wrenching? I share this excerpt from my book to help people that may be going through a similar situation, as I did. I want to help these people avoid the pitfalls that I fell into, and help you move past these moments, more gracefully. I went back to school to obtain my Master’s degree and PhD work in Psychology to be better equipped to help people, like myself. I want to encourage anyone who is losing their hair to “take control of your hair loss” by shaving off the remaining hairs. As you read, in my story, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are out of control. If you are proactive, and control your hair loss before it controls you, you have the winning factor to happiness and success. Don’t deny the inevitable and try to pass through the hurdles that affected my life.   We all need to go through the five stages of grief, when we are losing our hair; trust me, the sooner you get to the acceptance phase, the better off you will be!

Jodi Pliszka is the world’s leading Solutionologist®. She is the celebrated host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not Radio’s Weird Medical Maladies and the inventor of No Sweat® liners by Headline It!® Jodi is the award-winning author of Bald Is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming and the Bella and Gizmo’s Adventures series. A clinical therapist and president/CEO of Pliszka’s Adventures, Jodi has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and countless other newspapers, magazines, and talk shows, sharing her alopecia story of Tragedy to Triumph. Jodi was a Top Finalist on ABC’s American Inventor and has been featured on Lifetime TV’S Health Corner, as well as NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC news and more. For more information about Jodi Pliszka, the Solutionologist®, please visit or

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